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Learning difficulties? Poor concentration? Bad grades? Exam nerves? School frustration? – We help high school students to overcome their problems at school.


Learning is a fundamental ability of us humans. A young child associates learning with play and joy. Later in school, many children and teenagers experience difficulties with learning which can have massive consequences in their adult life, which for them, however, is far away. Our personalized coaching can help here.

Our coaching is not about catching up on school material as in tutoring, but about finding a learning strategy that takes into account the personality. Because everyone is unique, our support is oriented towards the person with his or her abilities, strengths and way of doing things. As a result, everyone finds his or her own way to master the challenges at school in the best possible way.

Reasons for a Learning Coaching

There are many reasons to get support from a learning coach:

  • You are dissatisfied with how things are going in school.

  • You want to develop a learning strategy that really fits you in order to be more successful.

  • You are fed up with the pressure from people around you and want to get rid of it.

  • You don't want to repeat a grade and go to school one year longer than necessary.

  • You do not know how to motivate yourself in order to cope with the demands of your school.

  • You do not feel at ease at school and may even be bored there most of the time.

  • You have high exam nerves and are very much afraid of failure.

Prerequisite for Your Coaching
For one reason or another, you are not happy with school life and would like to change something. Furthermore, you are interested in engaging in a coaching process and committed to taking the necessary steps to turn things around.

The Fruits of a Learning Coaching

How can our learning coaching be helpful for you?

  • You discover YOUR way of coping with the demands of school.

  • You learn how your brain operates and use this knowledge to improve the outcome of your learning.

  • You find tools that help you to get through this difficult period at school.

  • You gain more self-confidence in order to pass your exams in a confident and relaxed manner.

  • You will be able to concentrate on the task at hand long enough without getting distracted.

  • You become better able to control your emotions and your behavior.

  • You discover your potential and your strengths and can use them successfully for all your personal challenges.

Important note: YOU ultimately decide what you want to achieve with the help of our coaching, nobody else!

What Would Your Coaching Look Like?

During the first session we look together at your needs and the issues you want to tackle. At the same time you get to know your personal learning coach, Beat Edelmann, and can decide whether you would like to continue your coaching with him. By the way, in many cases we find that a single session is sufficient if it is only about adjusting your learning strategy.

If there are persistent obstacles that bother you, then further sessions will enable you to equip yourself with the necessary tools to achieve the results you are looking for.

If helpful, our personality test can give you additional information about your personality and the way you feel, think and act. The test results may also be useful for your parents so that they can respond better to your personal needs.

The coaching process takes place in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. You can be confident that our tools will help you to get the results you wish.

The Scientific Basis of Our Methods

Our approach was developed by the Zurich psychologist Nicole Bruggmann, who has been working with adolescents for over twenty years. Her work is mainly based on the tools designed by the universities of Zurich and Osnabrück which enabled her to counsel young people in difficult circumstances.


  • Self-management: The ISMZ of the University of Zurich has created tools to change our behavior and regulate our emotions with ease.

  • Personality Analysis: The PSI theory developed at the University of Osnabrück explains how our personality operates and this knowledge is precious for organizing the learning process in the best possible manner.

These methods are based on the most recent research in motivational psychology and neuroscience. The effectiveness of the tools have been confirmed in countless scientific studies. Teachers, career coaches and professional coaches have been using them successfully for many years.

Message to Parents

Being a parent means preparing your child for his/her life on their own, and this in the best way possible. This means encouraging your child's sense of personal responsibility, independence and self-confidence. This is not a trivial task. From a certain age, your child wants to and should become responsible for his/her life. It is up to you as a parent to offer him/her the best conditions now so that s/he can have a satisfying and successful adult life later.

You may fear that your child is not on the best path. Although your options to intervene are limited you want to avoid blaming yourself later for not doing the best you could.

Our coaching helps your child to find his/her own way in a manner that suits his/her personality so that later s/he will not regret how s/he managed high school.

Message for Teachers and Trainers of Young People

It hurts for you to see a young person fail and not realize his or her potential. And often you are all too aware of your own limitations, because you know that the decision and motivation must come from the young persons themselves.

Proposing coaching is a helpful measure and at the same time an investment that brings satisfying results to all sides. It feels good to know that you have done your utmost for the young person.

In most cases, you will need the support of parents for such meaningful action. The well-being of our youth is on everyone's mind.

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