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Our New Offer: Learning Coaching

The PSI personality theory of Prof. Julius Kuhl from the University of Osnabrück allows adults to discover their motives and their preferred approaches. It also helps us to understand what lies behind the learning difficulties experienced by some young people and shows us possible solutions.

Learning blocks, test anxiety, lack of concentration and boredom at school can be analyzed with the help of PSI theory. In this way, the young people can find out how to cope best with the demands of school. The four macrosystems that define how we handle a task play a crucial role in the learning process. Everyone has access to these four macrosystems. But we normally have preferences that prevent us from approaching something in the most sensible way.

Gaining knowledge about how our personality functions is the basis for our learning coaching. The goal of our coaching is not the usual private tutoring, but aims to help students to find a learning strategy that takes their personality into account. Because everyone is unique, our support is oriented towards the person with his or her abilities, strengths and way of doing things. As a result, everyone finds his or her own way to master the challenges at school in the best possible way.

Our learning coaching is mainly aimed at young people in secondary school levels I and II, from grade 7 to the apprenticeship or high school certificate.

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