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Self-Management Knowledge for Today

Abundana imparts you the knowledge for success and satisfaction in your professional and private life. The methods of the ZRM® help you to decide and act in accordance with your mind and your abundant subconscious knowledge.


On this web page you find additional information about self-management, stress management, motivation and neuroscience as well as downloadable material.

ZRM® Material

You will find here English downloadable material about the ZRM® in the coming months:

  • ...

ZRM® and PSI Online

On the Internet you find the information about ZRM® and the PSI personality analysis developed at the University of Osnabrück on the following pages (mainly in German):

Our Offers

By means of ZRM® you can find out more about your subconscious needs, in a pleasant way. We offer the following services:

  • ZRM® courses (none planed at the moment)

  • Courses/presentations about the subconscious, stress management and decision-making (none planed at the moment)

  • Coaching

Please get in touch with us if you like to be informed about our public offers.


There is only one book explaining the ZRM process in English, which is the following:


  • Johannes Storch, Corinne Morgenegg, Maja Storch, Julius Kuhl: Now I Get It! Understand Yourself and Take Charge of Your Behavior


A selection of books about ZRM® in German:

  • Maja Storch, Frank Krause: Selbstmanagement – ressourcenorientiert. Grundlagen und Trainingsmanual für die Arbeit mit dem Zürcher Ressourcen Modell (ZRM®) (all about the ZRM)

  • Maja Storch: Machen Sie doch, was Sie wollen! Wie ein Strudelwurm den Weg zu Zufriedenheit und Freiheit zeigt (about the conscious and unconscious systems of our brain)

  • Gunter Frank, Maja Storch: Die Mañana-Kompetenz. Auch Powermenschen brauchen Pause (about stress management)

  • Maja Storch: Das Geheimnis kluger Entscheidungen: Von Bauchgefühl und Körpersignalen (abour decision making)

Further Information

You find more information about us and your approach on the following pages:

Get to Know More

We are glad to tell you more about our expertise and to present you our offers in person. Please contact us:

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