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Living a fulfilling life abroad

Expat partners can find a satisfying and meaningful life abroad with the help of our personality analysis and our coaching. Moving to a new country is strenuous for most expats workers, but even more so for their partners who cannot rely on the support and social interactions that expats get at the workplace.

If you are an expat partner, you might be glad about your partner’s rewarding and fulfilling assignment abroad. At the same time you, may be finding it difficult to build a meaningful life here or are struggling with a sense of not belonging here.

Our Expat Partner Coaching can help you find your purpose in a foreign country. Our personality analysis takes into account your individual personality and needs, strengths and way of doing things. We help you find YOUR way of mastering your challenges abroad.

Reasons for Expat Partner Coaching

There are many reasons to look for support from an expat partner coach:

  • You want to give meaning to your life abroad.

  • You are unfulfilled and cannot live up to your own expectations.
    You have difficulties finding satisfying activities here.

  • You ask yourself sometimes how to motivate yourself to get through the day.

  • You want to be supportive of your partner and your children, and also have time for yourself.

Is Coaching Right for You?
For one or another reason, you are not happy with your life abroad and want to do something about it. Furthermore, you are interested in taking part in a coaching process and taking the necessary steps to turn things around.

The Benefits of Expat Partner Coaching

How can our expat partner coaching be helpful for you?

  • You discover YOUR way of coping with the demands of living in a foreign country.

  • You learn how your brain operates and use this knowledge to improve your way of handling tasks.

  • You find out what is meaningful for you and decide which activities you want to keep or new ones to start.

  • You gain more self-confidence and become more relaxed about your challenges.

  • You become better able to control your emotions and your behavior.

  • You discover your potential and can use this knowledge successfully for your personal goals.

What Would Your Coaching Look Like?

We begin with a short conversation, where you tell us about your needs and the desired outcomes of the coaching sessions. In most cases we will give you our personality test, which will provide insight into your strengths, areas of potential, and unconscious and hidden parts of your personality.

The analysis of the test results will be the basis for our two-hour feedback coaching session, when we will look for answers to the issues you have.
> More information about our personality analysis

The personality analysis helps you to decide where you want to invest your energy, what you want to keep and what will be good to change in your life. If you wish to make specific changes in your attitude and behavior for certain situations, our ZRM® coaching will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals

The Scientific Basis of Our Methods

Our approach was developed by Zurich psychologist Nicole Bruggmann, whose work is based on tools designed at the Universities of Zurich and Osnabrück.


  • Self-management: The ISMZ Institute from the University of Zurich has created tools to change our behavior and regulate our emotions with ease.

  • Personality Analysis: The PSI theory developed at the University of Osnabrück explains how our personality operates. This knowledge is precious for better understanding yourself, your needs and your ways of doing things.

These methods are based on the most recent research in motivational psychology and neuroscience. The effectiveness of the tools has been confirmed in countless scientific studies. Career coaches and professional coaches have been using them successfully for many years.

Message to Expats with a Job Assignment

Your focus is on your fulfilling job in your company abroad. Your partner is the most important and reliable person who supports your career.

But changing a country, living in a new environment is not easy for everyone. The many challenges your partner faces at home can be even more stressful than your work. While you can rely on formal and informal support at your workplace, interactions with your colleagues and job satisfaction, your partner may be alone at home and even overwhelmed by the many challenges in the foreign country. Or maybe your partner finds too few challenges here and lacks meaningful activities.

For both scenarios our expat partner coaching can help. Our personality analysis gives your partner feedback about her/his needs and her/his potential so that she/he can build a meaningful life. If your partner needs further help to cope with specific challenges, our coaching using the ZRM® approach will provide the necessary tools to master these challenges.

Learning Coaching for High School Kids

If ever you have children facing difficulties at high school, our learning coaching offer might be helpful.
> More about our learning coaching

Message for Employers of Expats

You have the performance and the career path of expat employees in mind. But behind many expats there is a partner or even a family that supports them. If they are unhappy, your employee’s support system will fail, resulting in expats moving back to their home country, and you losing highly qualified and promising employees.

What can you do to prevent this? First, be aware of the significance a person’s family plays in their professional success and personal happiness. You may even want to offer coaching to family members as a part of your support services to your expat employees

Satisfaction at the workplace is not the only factor in the well-being of your employees. Their success also depends on the well-being of the people closest to them. Proposing an expat partner coaching may help you keep your highly qualified employees and enable their family to transition to life here more smoothly!

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