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Personal Assessment of Your Strengths

The unique PSI personality test helps you to recognize your existing strengths and your potentials more clearly and find out what fills you with energy. Smart people are aware that by understanding their personality very well they are more able to set well-aligned goals for their life, reach them and improve their well-being at the same time.

A team at the University of Osnabrück has developed a personality test which reveals how you function at the level of your personality. In this way, you can find out what fills you with energy and what drains you of energy. You are able to identify what slows you down and why some tasks are cumbersome for you.

Over several decades Prof. Julius Kuhl and his team conducted research into the human personality and the interaction between its different elements. The result is a personality test that captures your core aspects without putting you into boxes. Now you can discover your strengths and potential!

Your Benefits

With the helpf of the PSI personality test you get to know how your personality functions. This helps you to:

  • strengthen and develop your leadership qualities

  • deal with changes and to make important decisions

  • discover what drives you and gives you energy, and what may slow you down

  • prepare for a situation that is difficult for you and to deal better with failure

  • understand why stress may weigh on you so much

  • find out what may cause discontent and result in a lack of energy

  • define sound goals for yourself and to reach them more easily

Knowing how your personality works is beneficial in itself but also reveals how you can adapt your behavior and your environment in sensible ways in order to have more success, greater well-being and increased joy in your professional and private lives.

Scientific Basis

For a very long time, psychologists tried to understand the personalities of men and to develop corresponding tests. In the last decades Prof. Julius Kuhl has carried out exceptional research at the University of Osnabrück. He examined the existing personality theories and linked their findings with the newest research in neuroscience and motivation psychology. In this way he developed what is probably today's most comprehensive personality theory, the PSI theory.

PSI means “Personality Systems Interaction”. Instead of focusing on individual traits (like the most common personality tests), it examines the complex interplay of the different parts of our personality that collectively shape our perception, our actions, our motivation and much more besides. The goal of the PSI test is to show you your competencies and your development opportunities. – It shows you what really fits you personally!

“One who helps people to get in touch with their inner nature, gives them a compass for their entire life.”

Julius Kuhl

How Does it Work?

Once you have decided that you truly want to know more about your personality, you will be granted access to an online version of the PSI personality test. This can take about one to two hours to complete. Your completed response will then be assessed by IMPART GmbH in Osnabrück. 

On receiving the test results, we will need a further one and a half hours in which to analyze them and to filter the information related to your specific request or interest.

In a session that takes about two hours we go through the test results with you. You will not receive a written report, but we give you a personal feedback related to your personal needs that we can discuss together. It is you that decides which information is useful for you to retain and how you will make use of it.

Would you like to know more about our PSI personality Check-Up? – Please contact us:


Personality and Self-Management

Self-management and self-control only function well when we understand the conscious AND the unconscious parts of our thinking and behavior and take them into account. When we misinterpret our unconscious motives, they drain our energy instead of being sources of energy. Unlike traditional personality test, our PSI test can truly capture your unconscious motives and driving forces too. This provides you with the most complete insight into your personality.

The personality analysis helps you to decide where you want to invest your energy and what kind of behavior you might want to change if you so wish. If you want to make specific changes in your behavior and your thinking under certain circumstances, our related coaching using the ZRM® approach will provide you with all the tools you will need to achieve success.

Coaching Offers
Our personality analysis helps you to decide where you want to invest your energy and how to master your challenges. If you wish to make specific changes in your attitude and behavior, our coaching will provide you with the tools you need to achieve your goals.

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