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Coaching – Setting Goals and Achieving Them Easily

In our coaching, you develop solutions that fit your personal needs and your cirumstances. With the means of our personality analysis and other tools we help you to discover your needs and to increase your personal options for action.


This way you gain a rock-solid motivation and the necessary energy to deal with challenges and changes in your professional and private life. With the help of coaching you find new approaches and learn to live according to them with confidence and success.

Coaching – Live Your Potential!

Coaching makes a lot of sense for you when...

  • you feel a need for change and like to find out more about it

  • you want to react differently in certain situations than you usually do

  • you want to have more options for action

  • you have to make an important decision and want to look at it from another angle

  • you are confronted with a new challenge you want to master successfully

  • you want to discover and live your potentials

  • the people around you want you to change your behavior, and you want this too

Coaching is an investment that pays off. You increase your level of contentment, discover your potentials and can master the challenges in your life better, without stress and risk of burnout.

Benefit from our Personality Analysis

With the help of our PSI personality test you will discover your dormant potential, find out what fills you with energy and, as importantly, what drains you of energy.

> Learn more about our personality test

Our Methods and our Focus

Beat Edelmann completed different training in the field of coaching successfully, for instance NLP and self-management with ZRM® and the PSI personality theory of Prof. Julius Kuhl at the University of Osnabrück. With this knowledge and his experience, he is an expert who is able to respond to different needs.

ZRM® provides only the process and the tools. It is always YOU who decide which ideas you want to pursue and realize. You know best what fits you. This is one of the fundamental principles of ZRM®. You can realize your goal successfully only when your mind and your subconscious agree.

If you decide to use the ZRM® process in your coaching, first you develop the personal attitude which will help you to address your issue. With this attitude, it will be easy for you to adopt a new behavior. We put a lot of emphasis on preparing you well to act according to your new attitude in your professional and private life.

Learning Coaching

With the help of our learning coaching, young people from 12 to 20 years can solve their difficulties at high school with ease.

> More about our coaching for high school students

New: Coaching for Expat Partners

With the help of our personality analysis and our coaching, expat partners can find a satisfying and meaningful life abroad.

> More about our expat partner coaching

Learn more about ZRM!

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Further Information

You find more information about us and our approach on the following pages:

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