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Moving on successfully ...

Performance in Accordance
with the Company Goals

When all move in the same direction you succeed as a company. But there might be obstacles in the way, for example when staff members...

  • do not have the right attitude and motivation,

  • resist necessary changes,

  • are blocked and feel helpless in view of the many unpredictable and always changing factors affecting their workplace,

  • do not react in an appropriate way under pressure and in difficult situations,

  • are pushing themselves beyond their personal limit and burn out


It has been said for a long time that the basic structure of a human cannot be changed easily. Neuroscience show us now that our brain is plastic. This means that we learn new things and develop ourselves constantly.

ZRM offers methods that enable people to adopt a new attitude and act accordingly with ease within a short period of time. This way your company can advance successfully in today's complex and fast changing world.

Offers for Companies

The offers of Abundana are designed for staff members, managers and board of directors:

  • ZRM training for better self-management

  • Change management (working with staff during change within the company)

  • Support of employees who take over new responsibilities

  • Improvement of the internal communication

  • Stress and health management

  • Preparation for retirement and other big individual changes

  • Redefining the overall goal of a team or the company

  • Personality analysis and business coaching of individuals.


We provide training, coaching and presentations in the following languages:

  • English

  • French

  • German

Abundana trainings are a sound investment and generate a high and sustainable profit for your company.

Strength of Abundana

Beat Edelmann is a certified trainer and coach. He is one of the few ZRM® trainers who teach ZRM® methods in English and French.

ZRM® allows you and your staff to...



  • identify you own subconscious needs

  • assess ideas with the help of the subconscious

  • gain a solid motivation due to a new goal type (motto-goals)

  • discover one's own strengths and possibilities and use them for the newly developed attitude

  • plan your action in future concrete situations where you will need the newly acquired attitude so that you can rely on your new behaviour for sure in your daily life

Thanks to ZRM® you get more freedom of action. This improves your self-confidence and protects you from burnout.

Our certified PSI Competence Consultant, Beat Edelmann, allows your managers to take the PSI personality test of the German University of Osnabrück. The test which can be completed in either English or French helps your managers to recognize their existing strengths and their potentials more clearly.

Benefits for Your Company

When staff members need to comply with new requirements and change their mindset, you must be prepared to meet resistance. This is just a natural reaction because existing routines are useful and are not given up easily.

ZRM® is a means that helps your employees to comply with your requirements in their own individual way, without being forced into a straitjacket.

Your benefit are employees that

  • are motivated,

  • share a common attitude and commitment,

  • know their personal resources and can make the best use of them

  • and handle their personal energy in a smart way so there is no risk of burning out.


"Abundana brings you and your staff further on the way of success."

Additional Offers

Abundana offers presentations and workshops about the following subjects:

  • Self-management

  • Communication in accordance with one's subconscious knowledge

  • Decision-making

  • Stress and health management

  • Personality and collaboration within a team


We are pleased to present you our offer in person. Please get in touch with us:


If there is a need we would be delighted to coach you and your staff.

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