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Self-Management Is A Key Success Factor

In this complex and demanding world, self-management is the KEY competency you need to be successful and to protect your well-being in your professional and private lives. Abundana offers helpful knowledge about self-management, motivation, personality, stress management and decision-making  – through teaching, coaching and talks.

The PSI personality test and the ZRM® are essential tools for our success. They were developed at the universities of Osnabrück and Zurich which are specialized in the field of self-management. Their tools have proven their effectiveness in many studies and also in practical coaching and training settings.

Why Self-Management?

Good resolutions and self-discipline are not very helpful when we want or have to change our behaviour. Self-management is a much more efficient means instead, as scientific research proves it today.

Through self-management our mind and our subconscious (you can also name it intuition) are in tune. This way we reach better decisions and find solutions that really fit us, motivate us and fill us with energy. In an effortless and joyful way we can lay undesired old habits aside and replace them with a behaviour that suits us and fits the situation we are in.

People who rely only on their mind, often end up with results that take a lot of personal energy and drain them in the course of time. With good self-management you increase your performance and your level of contentment. Furthermore you reduce stress and protect your self from burnout.​

Zurich Resource Model ZRM®

The Zurich Resource Model (ZRM®) is a scientific self-management method that has proven its effectiveness in everyday life.


It was developed by Dr. Maya Storch and Dr. Frank Krause at the University of Zurich and is based on the latest findings in motivational psychology and brain research. The effectiveness of the method has been confirmed in countless scientific studies.

ZRM® is a method that allows you to recognize your needs and your potential and to take them in account in your professional and private life. It helps you to achieve goals that you have striven for without success so far.

You work on your own topic where you would like to see an improvement. You can formulate your goal completely openly or specifically. Be it that you simply want to improve your current well-being, be it that you want to behave differently in certain difficult and stressful situations. You can apply the knowledge you have acquired profitably in your private and professional everyday life.​

Goals of the ZRM Courses

You can learn the self-management with ZRM in our ZRM courses.

  • You clarify what is most important for you in your life today and decide where you want to focus your attention and your energy.

  • You get insight into today's scientific knowledge about setting up and changing one's personal thinking and behaviour patterns.

  • You learn to develop goals that really resonate with you and your personality. This way you improve your chances to reach them.

  • You learn to recognize your own strengths, value them and use them regularly.

  • You increase your personal options for action. In this manner, you strengthen your self-confidence and protect yourself against stress and burnout.

Methods of Training

In our ZRM® courses we use a variety of methods, combining creative exchange in small groups, short and easy presentations and individual work.

Planned Courses and Presentations

Right now, no public ZRM® courses and other workshops are scheduled.

Please get in touch with us if you like to be informed about our public offers.

Offers for Individuals

Abundana shows you how to recognize all your needs and your resources that have remained unconscious so far. We have the following offers for individuals interested in better self-management:

Offers for Companies

We offer practical knowledge about self-management, motivation, communication, decision-making and stress management.


Our offers are a good investment which bring you a concrete and long-lasting benefit.

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