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Self‑Management and Personality Analysis

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Self-Management Is A Key Success Factor

In this complex and demanding world, self-management is the KEY competency you need to be successful and to protect your well-being in your professional and private lives. Abundana offers helpful knowledge about self-management, motivation, personality, stress management and decision-making  – through teaching, coaching and talks.

The PSI personality test and the ZRM® are essential tools for our success. They were developed at the universities of Osnabrück and Zurich which are specialized in the field of self-management. Their tools have proven their effectiveness in many studies and also in practical coaching and training settings.

With these tools you can discover your strengths and your potentials. Furthermore, you will be able to easily change your no longer needed habits. Beat Edelmann is the only certified expert for the PSI personality test and for ZRM® operating in the Geneva area and in Western Switzerland.

Personality Analysis: Discover Your Strengths

With the help of our PSI personality test you will discover your dormant potential, find out what fills you with energy and, as importantly, what drains you of energy.

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Offers for Individuals

Abundana shows you how to recognize all your needs and your resources that have remained unconscious so far. We have the following offers for individuals interested in better self-management:

  • ZRM® training

  • Courses / presentations about the subconscious, stress management and decision-making

  • Coaching

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​News from Abundana with information about personality theories, self-management and related subjects can all be found in our blog.

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Offers for Companies

We offer practical knowledge about self-management, motivation, communication, decision-making and stress management.


Our offers are tailored to staff members, managers and board members:

  • ZRM training for better self-management

  • Change management (supporting the staff dealing with big changes)

  • Support of employees who take over new positions

  • Improving the internal communication

  • Stress and health management

  • Preparation for retirement and other big changes

  • New orientation of a team or a company

  • Personality analysis and coaching


Our offers are a good investment which bring you a concrete and long-lasting benefit.

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Our Approach

At Abundana we are particularly interested in self-management, especially in moments of transition when we need

- a new attitude

- a new mindset

- a new way of action


Unlike self-management, self-discipline is tiresome, unreliable and does not work in the long run as neuroscience and motivation psychology show us today.

ZRM® developed at the University of Zurich is a method that allows you to recognize your needs and your potential and to take them in account in your professional and private life. It helps you to achieve goals that you have striven for without success so far.

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