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Our homepage has become more relevant and attractive

We are happy with our new homepage. You can now see at a glance our main services and the topics that are important to us. Furthermore, we have added images and color to be more visually appealing.

Page d'accueil d'Abundana
Our updated homepage

After acquiring the domain name for my company Abundana in 2018, I created my first website to present my services. At that time, I had just obtained the ZRM® trainer certification. ZRM is a self-management method developed by Dr. Maya Storch and Dr. Frank Krause at the University of Zurich. It is based on the latest findings from motivational psychology and brain research. The effectiveness of the method has been confirmed in countless scientific studies. I was so impressed with this approach that I set myself the goal of promoting it in the French and English-speaking world. This is why my website has been presented in three languages from the beginning.

At the time, I was planning to pass on my ZRM knowledge to individuals through coaching and ZRM courses as well as to offer training to companies that wanted to invest in the personal and human development of their employees, mainly in the Geneva area.

Two years later, I completed a certification course in personality psychology and since then, I have been able to offer the PSI personality test to those who wish to better understand the dynamics of their personality. To make this new offer known, I have published a page entitled:

Over the years, I have come to realize that there are certain groups of people who would benefit from my knowledge and experience in particular. Therefore, I have added the following two pages to my site:

For years, my homepage had not changed much and in the end, it no longer reflected the full range of my activities. I therefore redesigned my homepage to give a clearer view of my current activities and now the public can easily get an idea of my offerings and the topics that are dear to my heart. The addition of images and color makes the page visually more attractive.

Come and discover our new homepage!

Post from Beát Edelmann, coach, trainer and founder of Abundana


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